Early Registration Closes April 28!

Do you plan to have your students take classes at Achieve Learning Center this Fall? Register early and help determine which classes make it to our final schedule!

Early registration will close on April 28. We will then finalize our schedule for 2023-2024, and open our general registration around May 12. If you have registered early, you will NOT need to register again.

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Originally posted April 4, 2023

Please complete a separate registration for each student.

We are unable to refund registration fees after July 15, since much of this fee is distributed to instructors for the purchase of texts and materials to be ready for the first day of class. Read more about our payment schedule, late fees and tuition by tapping the Classes button below.

Please read through this email carefully. It is long and contains important information about the process!


While we will be in the process of building the schedule, this will be your registration. You will not need to do this twice!

You DO need to complete the REQUIRED Student information form.

After you submit your Student Information form, you will have the option to complete our Ethnic Survey. We are required to ask, but you are not required to answer.

Your early/pre-registration will help determine the classes that are offered, and the schedule for the 2023-2024 academic year.

By participating in early/pre-registration, you are committing to taking the classes you indicate interest in, so long as there are enough students registered to meet minimum enrollment requirements for those classes. If there are acceptable alternatives, should those classes not be available, you may let us know in the comments.

We will publish a schedule approximately two weeks after early/pre-registration begins. Those who register early will determine what classes are on the schedule!

Your invoice for registration fees will be sent the week of June 1, 2023, once the schedule has been set. Your registration is not confirmed until we receive your payment.

Classes are first come, first serve. If all seats are filled before we receive your payment for the class(es) you are registering for, a wait list will be started.


You may select up to FOUR classes for each student. (No more than this. You may indicate acceptable alternatives in the comments). Unless noted specifically, all classes are 2x per week.

PLEASE indicate at the end of this form which classes are of the HIGHEST priority. This information helps in case we run into a scheduling collision.

If there is a subject or specific class you are interested in and you don’t see it on the list, PLEASE TELL US and use the “Suggest a course” area to make your suggestion.

Study Hall
We may require families who utilize study hall for their students to volunteer on a limited basis or pay a small fee. We are still working out the details here, and appreciate your patience. 

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Early registration has closed - General registration for 2024-2025 will open in May.