Class Schedule

Andres Likkel Mangum Newman/ E Spring Pellerin Roderick D Spring S Spring Terry
1st Period
8:45 am–
10:00 am
Spanish 1

Freshman English
Creative Writing


World History for Middle & High School Intro Economics:
Building a Bridge to the Future
Tuesdays Only
Young Explorers
Tuesdays Only

Elementary Language Arts
Thursdays Only
Art 1
Tuesday Only
Website Design Skills
Thursdays Only
Intro to Digital Media Pre-Algebra
2nd Period 10:05 am–11:20 am Spanish 2 Sophomore English Elementary Science
Tuesdays Only

Elementary Math
Thursdays Only
Art 1
Tuesday Only
Middle School Earth Science Geometry
11:20 am–
11:55 am
3rd Period 12:00 pm –
1:15 pm
Exploring Countries & Cultures Middle School English

US History & Geography
Tuesdays Only

Elementary Science
Thurdays Only

Art 1
Tuesday Only
High School Biology Middle School Math
4th Period
1:20 pm –
2:30 pm
Writing Skills Algebra

Meeting Location

Laurel Community
Baptist Church
162 W. Laurel Rd.
Bellingham, WA 98226

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