Payment Schedule

Achieve has a flat-fee system per class per year. Your registration fee is the first payment of your class fee. There is no additional registration fee, except for late registration fees. Students who register after the year is underway will have payments pro-rated. Please contact the Achieve bookkeeper for more information.


Class meets 2x per week Class meets 1x per week
Per Class, Per Year $1166.00 $583.00
On-time registration Paid by July 15 (Non-refundable part of your class fee) $176 per class $88 per class
Additional fee if registration received after July 15 $10 per class $5 per class
Additional fee if registration received after August 1 $20 per class $10 per class
Monthly payments – due the first class meeting of Sep – May $110 per class $55.oo per class


Late Fees & Refunds

We are unable to refund registration fees after July 15, since much of this fee is distributed to instructors for the purchase of texts and materials to be ready for the first day of class.

Monthly payments are due no later than the first class meeting of the month. A $10 late fee is assessed if received after the 15th of the month, and 1.5% per month interest will be charged on overdue balances.

Refunds are granted only under extenuating circumstances, such as a move out of the area or an illness in the family, and are never granted for a student losing interest in a class or who drops out due to impending failure. Refunds are based on pro-rated classes not attended following withdrawal for such extenuating circumstances.


Financial aid due to disaster / emergency

If you have an emergency need, please contact our bookkeeper, administrator, or an instructor.

General registration for 2024-2025 is now OPEN!