This article featuring former Achieve Learning Center student, Miles Cratsenberg, recently appeared in Cascadia Daily.

Ahead of his time: Bellingham swimmer has Olympic dreams

BHS junior, Miles Cratsenberg is already breaking records

Bellingham High School swimmer Miles Cratsenberg on Jan. 22. Cratsenberg, a junior, recently set a new school record in the 200-yard freestyle race with a time of 1:42.44 on Jan. 17. The previous record was held by Dean DeKoster and stood for more than 40 years. (Andy Bronson/Cascadia Daily News)

It’s nearly impossible to know what Cratsenberg’s ceiling is as an athlete, Coghill said, but his growth at the college level will be telling. For now, he has another year and a half of high school and club competition to prepare for what’s next.


One thing is clear: Cratsenberg’s love for the sport and desire to succeed is stronger than anything else. Not only does he want to be an Olympian, but he wants to be the best.


“You’re never going to get to the top without putting 100-percent effort in,” Cratsenberg said. “Even then, you get there, and there’s another level to go.”

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