The end to the first semester is drawing near, so now is a good time for a reminder about the use of study hall.

Study hall is a designated quiet place for study and other quiet activities. Please keep this in mind if your child uses it. All students are responsible for having work along with them to keep them busy. The supervisors must be supported in their adherence to the rules of a quiet workplace.

All students on the premises not waiting for parent pickup must either be in class or in a supervised study hall. Our study hall is set up for two reasons: providing a quiet place for your child to complete homework, or for those kids who may need a place to be between classes. Since many of our students need this time and space to complete their homework, we need to keep this time/space as a designated quiet zone. If your child is unable to stay quiet and occupied with tasks during this time, study hall may not be the right option for them. We realize that younger children will have the most difficult time with these restrictions, but we must maintain a quiet atmosphere during our study hall.

A more detailed explanation is in the study hall supervisor handbook.

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