Happy November ALC Families!

Update 11/9/22 – For Clarification: The $250 is NOT mandatory this year for each family to donate or raise. That amount is simply a goal for each family to prayerfully consider providing for the 2022-23 school year, either through fundraising or donation, to help build our financial aid program and support our staffing needs. We absolutely appreciate our ALC families’ hard work and understand each family’s situation is unique. Coming together as a community and supporting one another is what ALC does!

We have kicked off our first fundraiser of the year…and it’s chocolate! Last week, your child was sent home with our 2022 See’s Candies Christmas Fundraiser. While it is pretty simple, a few questions arose during the kick off.

How much do I have to fundraise?
We are asking each family to reach $250 through candy sales and/or donation.

What if my family doesn’t want to sell chocolate?
Each family can contribute the $250 minimum through cash donation or sales.

How much does ALC receive?
This is huge, 50% of fundraising efforts go directly back to ALC to support our students, families and staff!

What if I have questions?
Great! We welcome your questions! Feel free to email Meredith at [email protected]

What if I have multiple children? Does each student need to raise the $250?
No, we are only asking that each family contribute the $250

How long is the fundraiser?
November 1-22. Meredith will be at ALC that Tuesday at lunch, collecting sales.

Is there a prize for the top salesperson?
You bet! The Top Salesperson prize will be unveiled at lunch on Tuesday, November 8!

What about out of area sales, do we have to ship directly or does See’s Candies?
Out of area friends and family that would like to support your fundraising efforts can use this link to place their order and have it shipped directly to them. Just be sure to get their name so we know to apply it to your funds raised!

General registration for 2024-2025 is now OPEN!