A new year of classes at Achieve begins in just over a week, and we are in need of volunteers for Study Hall.

Supervisor responsiblities include taking attendance and maintaining an orderly and quiet space for students to finish homework, read, or do some other quiet activity as they wait for their next class (1 hour and 15 minutes each).

We are in need of a minimum of 1 supervisor per Study Hall and a lunchtime supervisor, but we would love to have more. In previous years, the supervisor commitment has been for the year. However, if many are willing, we would love to up a rotating schedule.

If we don’t have a supervisor available, we will not be able to offer the study hall and unsupervised students will not be able to remain on campus between classes.

Please email our registrar, Deanna Kangas, if you are willing!

General registration for 2024-2025 is now OPEN!