Meet Hannah Pellerin, Mrs. Likkel and Gabrielle Tiegrob. These writers have all grown in skill through writing classes at Achieve. Hannah writes sci-fi fantasy + action. Her book, Inner Flame, follows Quinn who, ever since discovering his fire abilities, has known he’s more than just human. A wildfire at his camp changes everything – his world, his life, his future. Gabrielle’s book, Not as Brave as You, is an adventure pirate fiction. She’s also writing a second historical fiction novel set in the 20s about a woman moonshine smuggler.
Mrs. Likkel has taken numerous writing classes, has published in Guideposts and Arise Daily Online Devotions and blogs regularly. She often feels that she learns as much from her students as they do from her! Constantly learning new ways to improve the craft of writing enables her to pass along the skills your child needs to become a stronger writer.
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