(a series)

First, you need to know how excited we are to have your family at Achieve! While we get to see the child(ren) you enrolled on a regular basis, we are equally interested in getting to know your family. We will have a few events throughout the year where families are encouraged to participate, and we look forward to creating community with you all.

Now on to business!

Our newsletter. We will try to keep you updated once a week with the happenings at Achieve. It is super important that you read this emails, click on links, etc. This is where we try to keep you as “in the know” as possible on what is going on, what things are coming up, etc.

Study Hall. If you have a child in Study Hall, they need to have something QUIET to work on for 1 hour and 15 minutes (per Study Hall). We also love to see parents using this time to connect and get to know other Achieve parents – but we need to emphasize that Study Hall is a place for quiet. 

Parents who stay… and chat 🙂 We see you! We love that you are hanging around and getting to know other Achieve parents. If you are caught up in a conversation, we welcome you to hang out in a nursery room or the alcove room just inside the church entrance, to your right.

Dress code. Please dress modestly. Students should have no midriffs exposed or have anything that it is too short. Check the images and text on your clothing. Would you wear that t-shirt to church? If the answer is “No,” or “Maybe not…” then the same goes for at Achieve. 

Payment box. See this here black box with our logo on it (Thank you, Zoae)? It sits on a stool just inside the entrance. This is where you can drop off your tuition payments. If you are paying for *anything else* related to Achieve, please put it in a SEPARATE envelope with a note, so that we know where it should be applied.

For parents and students who have been at Achieve since before it was Achieve. Please make sure that all of your teacher correspondence is sent to their email addresses that end with @achievelearningbellingham.org. 

Pizza Day. We plan on serving pizza on the first Tuesday of each month. If you would be willing to pick it up at Costco (yes, you need a membership card to do this task), or you are willing to help serve, please let us know as soon as possibleNext pizza day: Tuesday, October 3. Cost: $2 per slice.

That’s all for this round. We don’t know exactly how many parts are in this series, so stay tuned!


General registration for 2024-2025 is now OPEN!