(a series)

How’s everyone doing? Are we all into the routines of a new season? Who has a pumpkin spice candle burning?

There are some other things that come with the change in the weather … Some things likes colds, flu, etc., which is where we start our Part 2 in the series of Things You Should Know: 

  1. If your child is sick, on vacation, or will be absent for any reason, parents need to let all of their child’s teachers know as soon as possible. While it is good for the older student to communicate this to their teacher(s), parents should also send an email, text, or call. 
  2. Did you receive our mini-handbook? We don’t usually assign homework to parents, but this one is important. Please make sure you read, sign and return, if you haven’t already. Need another copy? Contact Sue Likkel
  3. Quiet please! Study Hall is intended to be a place to study or work quietly in between classes. Parents, please make sure your kids have a plan for how they will spend their time, whether it be studying or working on a quiet project or activity. We also have plenty of quiet activities at school in case there’s a need. 
  4. Pizza Days will be the first Tuesday of each month, during lunch time. The next one is this Tuesday, October 2. Pizza is sold by the slice for $2.00 each. We would love to have some volunteers (with Costco cards) who would be willing to go pick up the pizza and bring it back to Achieve in time for it to be served. Questions? Contact Zoae Spackman
  5. PTO Meeting is scheduled! Our first meeting will be on October 19 at 7:00 pm, here at Laurel Church. More details to come! This is an opportune time to meet other parents and teachers, share fundraising ideas, and help plan some fun events at Achieve! Contact Zoae Spackman with questions.

Did we miss anything? Let us know!


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